To champion and support people who have intellectual/developmental disabilities to realize their goals and dreams


Everyone lives with dignity and respect in a world full of choices and possibilities



Protecting, honoring, and promoting the people, property, and resources with which we have been entrusted.


Honoring our commitment to people we support, to each other, fellow employees, and the organization.


Providing superior community services and support to people with life challenges.


Developing leadership in new approaches by fostering an openness to new ways of thinking.


Generating circumstances and discovering capabilities that people can freely choose, explore and experience

Sanctuary Model

Lifespire has adopted the Sanctuary model where employees are able to express their opinions and concerns without fear of retribution. The Sanctuary ModelĀ® is a proactive organizational commitment that empowers the Lifespire community by fostering open communication, trust, mutual respect and safety, using solution-focused and strength based practices.

Commission on Quality and Leadership (CQL)
Person-Centered Excellence (PCE) Accreditation

Lifespire attained our Person-Centered Excellence level of accreditation from the Commission on Quality and Leadership (CQL) in 2016. This is a four-year acknowledgment of our commitment to the people we support through our effective quality management systems and engagement of our stakeholders. Lifespire utilizes CQL tools and resources to ensure that our systems and practices remain relevant and person-centered.